How I became a foodie.

Looking back to when I was a child, it is incredibly hard to believe that I used to not like food. That’s right, I detested food. Breakfast? Nope. Lunch? I’ll pass. Dinner? No thank you. Food was not a priority in my life at all. It was a waste of time preventing me from more productive things like reading and playing with friends. Fast forward to the present. I’m a 24 soon to be 25 year old food obsessed, anti-social loner who has not read a book cover to cover in years, let alone picked one up.  I eat like everyday is my last. I am one of the millions who tell myself today is the day that I will stop this reckless eating and begin a healthy clean lifestyle and become a swimsuit model. This is my reality. My relationship with food has gone from indifferent, best friend, enemy and our current status: frenemies. It’s a love/hate relationship in which I love how good it taste, but hate what it does to my body. Anyway, on a less self-loathing note my transition from mere food eater to official foodie was a recent one. I now realize my love for food is on a deeper  than a “I eat to live” and/or “I like food, it tastes good” level. Let me not overstep my boundaries in the food world or create a different picture than what it really is. I am no Anthony Bourdain, more like an Adam Richman without all his culinary and restaurant expertise, fame, free food. So basically I’m just stuffing my face and not getting paid for it. I am not auditioning for the next season Master or Top Chef. I enjoy food. I write about it, photograph it, talk about it, but most importantly I like to eat it. It’s something I do often and in large amounts. I love trying to places to eat and want to take this opportunity to share some of the places I’ve been too (mostly in the Long Island/ Greater New York area, I’m not a world traveler yet). I majored in Journalism and I love food, so obviously I must be a food blogger. I realize now that I in no way, shape, or form explained how I became a foodie. Oh well, just read, peep the pics and salivate.


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