“Diet Starts Tomorrow”

It was a Monday, the start of a new week. The infamous fresh start. I told myself like I do every week that I will start to eat clean and control my eating habits. I did a good job for the most part. I had a salad for lunch which for me is basically like a healthy meal and a workout all in one since literally all my meals consist of carbs, in the form of bread, pasta, mass amounts of sugar, etc. Who cares if the salad had the same amount of calories at a burger? It was still a salad and that’s a sacrifice in itself.

Salad with barbecue grilled chicken, black beans, corn, cucumbers, walnuts and ranch dressing on the side

I should have known this would be short lived. As soon as a friend suggested going to dinner my interest was sparked. Especially since it was her favorite restaurant in the city, which she always rants and raves about, Lulu and Me. I had the opportunity to eat there once for her birthday, but being a stereotypical minority I arrived late and missed dinner. I had wanted to get the meatball sandwich then and I was still into getting it now. There were several starters on the table when we arrived since I was late…again, such as the ricotta and the polpettine (cheese platter with bread and meatballs). The cheese with the rosemary foccacia bread is delicious and so are the meatballs which prompted me to order the polpettine sandwich as my entree. It was the fantastic meatballs with sauce on foccacia bread with fries. It was delicious. The meatballs are melt in your mouth, flavorful, and juicy. I found myself pulling the bread off and just eating them with the fries which were crispy and not too salty. The meal overall was very palatable.

Meatball sandwich and fries

My friend got the insalata lulu as her starter sans pine nuts. It looked pretty good. I rarely get salads when I go to restaurants, due to them usually having double the calories as other entrees and wanting a more fulfilling meal. Plus, i’m not a big fan. Today was no different, but this one looked light and tasty.

Insalata Lulu

The skirt steak looked pretty good. I’m not a big red meat eater. I usually stick to chicken and fish with the occasional turkey burger/ turkey bacon. However, this steak looked pretty good. My friend ordered it medium rare. Both her and her cousin ordered the skirt steak which came with spinach and the waiter brought them platters of fries. We were also treated to glasses of Prosecco to enjoy with our meals.

Skirt steak and fries

Dining at Lulu and Me was a pleasurable experience. The food and service was excellent and I will return.

After dinner we decided to go to have dessert in Little Italy since their car was parked there. We went to Ferrara’s. It was my first time there. I really enjoy italian desserts and this place had a huge assortment of them including a plethora of pastries, gelato, cakes, cookies, etc.

Ferraro Bakery

My friend ordered the hot chocolate and my other friend’s boyfriend got a cannoli with espresso (seen below). The hot chocolate looked hot, melty and delicious with whipped cream dripping down the side.

Hot chocolate and a cannoli

I went with the gelato. When we arrived one of my friend’s and I tried samples of gelato. I only tried the oreo while she tried 3 flavors one being the salted caramel which she really enjoyed. Our other friends had already sat down so I refrained from trying more flavors and joined them. However, when it came down to choosing my options were limited seeing as I only tried one flavor. My friend who tried 3 narrowed hers down to 2. You have the option of 2 flavors with a small gelato. I went with the oreo since that’s the flavor I chose and really liked and then went with tiramisu. It was okay. I definitely preferred the oreo. It was smooth, rich and delicious.

Tirarmisu and Oreo Gelato

My friend also went with the mini tarts to go with her hot chocolate. The looked so pretty and I’m sure tasted delicious.

Fruit tarts!

My spontaneous city dinner ended up being delicious and a really good time. Although, I lost my phone the next day I did not lose the memories of a great meal with great people.

Update: Lulu and me has since closed.


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