Bacon egg and cheese please!

The easiest most satisfying breakfast one can eat is the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. You have your dairy, carbs, protein, fat, and deliciousness.

Let us celebrate the ultimate breakfast of champions:


Turkey bacon, egg whites, and cheese on whole wheat bagel (ketchup on the side )

wpid-photogrid_1439474958161.jpg wpid-photogrid_1439475085738.jpg

Back to the classics. On a bagel? On a roll?

wpid-photogrid_1439475114433.jpg wpid-photogrid_1439474813468.jpg

Perhaps sausage?

wpid-photogrid_1439474785483.jpg wpid-photogrid_1439475056168.jpg

Turkey bacon, swiss, and eggs on a plain bagel when you’re not really healthy, but like to pretend.

wpid-photogrid_1439475002635.jpg wpid-photogrid_1439474898654.jpg

Turkey bacon, smoked gouda and eggs on a whole bagel or the classic on a croissant? Both excellent choices.

wpid-photogrid_1439475140220.jpg wpid-photogrid_1439474919317.jpg

If you’re really adventurous why not add some home fries, peppers and onions or chicken cutlet. Possibilities are endless.

wpid-photogrid_1439475032102.jpg wpid-photogrid_1439474840210.jpg

You can’t beat the classics though. Look at that melty cheese and thick bacon goodness.

Whatever way you choose to eat it, you can never go wrong with a bacon, egg and cheese…unless you have a heart attack, but whatever that’s a chance you have to be willing to take. Everything in moderation.


2 thoughts on “Bacon egg and cheese please!

  1. Unfortunately I can’t appreciate this it looks like a heart attack on a plate! The turkey croissant sounds a bit up my street though, haha

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