Anything Goes in Go

Last year for Spring Break instead of going to Mexico or the Caribbean…again, I decided to switch it up and go to India. I’m old and probably shouldn’t be going on “Spring Break” anymore, but I’m a student so why not? A friend of mine was going there and I decided to meet him there.

I went to Goa which is in South India and is a Christian state that was colonized by the Portuguese. I legit had never heard Goa before going, but it was one of the best trips of my life. It was a long 17 hour trip there. I flew into New Delhi then to Mumbai then finally Goa. I love Indian food and of course the best I ever had was there…duh. I’ll share my experience and the delicious and not so delicious food I ate while there.

En Route…

I flew Air India (shoutout to Air India #ad) and as I previously mentioned it was a long ass flight so they were obligated to feed us. Airplane food is questionable. I had exams before the trip so I was exhausted. I literally slept for about 12 hours of the flight. I even missed a couple of meals, which if you know me isn’t something that happens ever, but airplane food is gross so I wasn’t missing much. One of the flight attendants literally got mad, because I missed breakfast and woke up and asked another flight attendant for it, because I was hungry and she took it personally like I was telling on her. I was like chill sis. I’m fat and hungry. Everything isn’t about you. They give you an option of veg and non-veg meal and I would switch it up between the two. Depending on what I saw other people get and which was the lesser of two evils.

The flight had unlimited wine and beer, but the flight was way too long for me to keep drinking. I’d start to get a headache.

The meal right above is the one that caused way too much drama and I literally didn’t even eat it. I mean…look at it. I’m a glutton, but I have a few standards.

Honestly I couldn’t tell you what any of that food was and none of it was particularly good, so…let’s move on.

New Delhi & Mumbai Airports

Ahhh good times at the airport. First of all, international airports are so much better than trash New York ones.

Side story: So I’m notorious for being a hot mess and before I left I was told by everyone that whatever I do, DON’T lose my passport. What was the first thing I did? Haha. Ugh. I was sitting down waiting for my next flight. My ass was so thirsty for WiFi that I got up and flirted with these Indian guys in the airport to give me their data info and in the interim dropped my passport and didn’t realize. After noticing and running around the entire airport like a psychopath American reaking havoc everywhere, I found it right underneath the seat I was originally sitting in. Luckily the gate was still empty so nobody was around to see it.

Different country, same walking disaster.

The fast food in India is really interesting. They don’t eat meat so McDonalds and Burger King serve chicken and veg sandwiches.

I got a Chai Tea latte because I’m basic AF and thought since Chai originates from India it would be better there, but nah tasted the same as in America, because I went to Starbucks like an basic b*tch. I went to Burger King, because I was starving and was tired of Indian food from the gross plane food. So, I got a chicken sandwich and fries with this suspicious yellow soda that they just automatically served me. I’m sure it is singlehandedly the reason for my inevitable diabetes diagnosis. Also I saw a dead mouse in the airport, but like…it’s India. Literally just kept it pushing.

Baga Beach

I started my trip in Baga Beach. In general, Goa is big for partying and vacationing between the holiday season to around March, specifically for Europeans and Russians, but especially in this area. Literally those are the only people I met there. None of the Russians spoke English. First full day of the trip my friend and I ventured out for food, because we are fatties.

Baga Beach is a large beach with many restaurants and bars. It’s not the most aesthetic beach. In fact, it was pretty dirty so we opted out of going into the water or really spending much time there, but we did have our first meal there.

Britto’s Restaurant

House No.7/171 Saunta Vaddo, Calangute Baga Road, Bardez, Baga, Goa 403516, India

We went to Britto’s which served signature Indian dishes. It’s was so hot and humid there so where as at home I get rice, samosas, etc. etc., we just ordered chicken tikka masala and veg curry (basic) with butter naan which quickly became my favorite thing to eat. It was so good. Sorry the pic sucks. I had an android at the time (only God can judge me). The service was also really good. Like most developing countries, Americans are treated like royalty. The only thing they see are USD signs.

We tried Goan feni which is an alcohol made from fermented cashews. That sh*t is potent. They served it with Limca, a Coca Cola brand lemon soda and advised to drink it together. I drank mine with it and my friend drank it on it’s own and almost died. Boys are dumb.

Kingfisher to India is like Budweiser in America, Medalla in Puerto Rico, Presidente in the Dominican Republic. You get it. It’s a light beer (1 USD) that’s advertised everywhere and it’s so hot out you find yourself drinking it with every meal.

Fiesta Restaurant

For dinner we tried out a restaurant near our hotel. The decor was very pretty. We had dinner poolside. From what I recall we ordered two chicken dishes which were very good. The service was excellent again. I also recall that us being two fatties, we weren’t satisfied and we ordered pizza after our meal. The pizza served throughout Goa was more of a flatbread, but it was delicious. As a super critical, when it comes to pizza, New Yorker I was satisfied.

Baga Lane

After dinner, we walked around Baga Lane which is a strip of bars and shops. It was so dead. It was clear that us being there in April was a bad call. We went to a few bars and I got my first of many dance lessons. After that, we picked up some desserts from a bakery and went back and ate them in bed like the fatties that we are: a chocolate mousse cake which was good, a brownie that was a little dry and a “cheesecake” that was essentially regular yellow cake. Eh.

Moving to Vagator

Since Baga sucked we decided to move and went to Vagator, another location. On the way we stopped in Anjuna and tried out this burger spot I read about.

Burger Factory

Okay first of all, don’t eat meat in a country that is known for not eating meat. Even if you are in area that allows it. Like the opposite of Nike, just don’t do it. My friend got a bacon cheeseburger which came with some not fully cooked bacon. Of course I had to be fancy and got this burger with some pickled veggies, cheddar, some sort of aoili, etc. The texture of the meat was just off. The “fries” were also closer to potato chips. I didn’t mind, but my friend was disappointed. We sat outside. There were stray animals everywhere and a lot of beggars; women holding babies that make you feel OD uncomfortable. I’m from New York so I’m used to people asking for money, but this is next level. They legit just stare at you. Anyway, it was an interesting experience. Definitely wouldn’t go back, it was cool, I guess. The service was really good, that I can honestly say. The service everywhere was good though. Indians are really nice, hospitable people.

The Jungle

So after staying at a hotel for 2 nights and only being around each other we decided to move to a space with more people so we can make new friends. We stayed at a hostel called The Jungle and excuse my French, it was fun as f*ck.

Vagator Beach

We made some new friends immediately and headed to the beach nearby. There were cows on the beach and a lot of lurky Indian men taking pictures. Pretty soon we got hungry and decided to grab dinner.

The Seaside Pizza Bar @ The Aria Beach Resort

We rode scooters to a pizza restaurant at a beach resort. We caught the sunset on the way and it was beautiful. The restaurant was very nice. It was outdoors overlooking Small Vagator beach.

The place had more than pizza. They also had fish, chicken, salad, appetizers, pasta, and wings as well. The cocktails were really good and the service was great like always in India. We got pizza, fries and wings (not pictured). The wings were fried and in a sweet chili sauce. This was one of the more expensive meals so far, probably due to the atmosphere, but it was still cheap AF compared to at home. There were five of us and it came less than $20 each.

That night we went to a party at this Portuguese style mansion. It was free for women to enter and drink and super cheap for guys. They had to pay a cover of 1500 rupees ( USD) to enter and then could drink all night free. Safe to say that night was a sh*tshow. I made some new friends as seen below and yeah. It was a good time from what I remember.

Chapora Fort

The next day I wanted to do some touristing so I grabbed two of British guy friends and dragged them with me to go check out Chapora Fort. First we stopped for snacks of course. I love seeing international snacks and the different flavors we don’t have in the states.

I honestly can’t tell you the story behind it (this wasn’t a historical kind of trip), but it was cool and had a great view overlooking the beach.

Anjuna Beach

Mandrem Beach

Mango’s Restaurant



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