Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Taste Test

The beauty of having a food blog that nobody reads is that you have an excuse to eat food you normally wouldn’t…tell anyone about. I decided to do the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor challenge which I instantly regretted. I’m not really a fan of potato chips to begin with. I prefer my MSG coated Doritos, but bias aside, there chips really aren’t good.

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Bacon egg and cheese please!

The easiest most satisfying breakfast one can eat is the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. You have your dairy, carbs, protein, fat, and deliciousness.

Let us celebrate the ultimate breakfast of champions:

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Me Gusta Comida

I love Spanish food. Living in NY is great, because we have a plethora of Latin cuisine from, Dominican to Cuban, Colombian to Mexican and more. There are so many restaurants featuring delicious food of every nationality. Through the years I’ve eaten some great food. Here are some of my favorite restaurants…

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NOLA Baby!

I recently traveled to an New Orleans with some friends for the weekend. It was a good time with great music, a fun party atmosphere, and amazing food. For me the highlight of the trip was the food. With great restaurants including awesome brunch spots and amazing places for dinner. I made it a priority […]

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It’s been awhile since I shared details from my glutton lifestyle. I’m trying to put an end to it and get healthy and in shape for summer and/or a lifetime so this past week I ate like I was dying. Decided to try Bareburger after work one day with my cousin. I learned about the […]

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“Diet Starts Tomorrow”

It was a Monday, the start of a new week. The infamous fresh start. I told myself like I do every week that I will start to eat clean and control my eating habits. I did a good job for the most part. I had a salad for lunch which for me is basically like a healthy meal and a workout all in one since literally all my meals consist of carbs, in the form of bread, pasta, mass amounts of sugar, etc. Who cares if the salad had the same amount of calories at a burger? It was still a salad and that’s a sacrifice in itself.

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Nacho Night

Last night my BFF and I stayed home on a Saturday night like all cool kids do and decided to make nachos. Not your basic tortilla chips with microwaved cheese on top. Nah, we’re beyond that. She had her own recipe and I was on guac duty. I was barred from sharing her recipe (ancient secret?), but since I’m an open book, I have no problem sharing my easy to google and find out yourself guacamole recipe.

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