Ayeee I’m back and bigger than ever…literally

Hey there whoever is reading this. It has been a VERY long time since I’ve updated this. I have been up to a lot since then. I thought about revamping this blog and turn it into a vlog, because who really has the attention span to read these days, but… eh. Reading is fundamental and not enough people do it so…get ready to get ya read on.

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Delish Weekend in DC

For Martin Luther King Jr. weekend I decide to bus it down to D.C. to visit my mom (Michelle Obama), visit the MLK Memorial and eat everything in sight. I accomplished 2 out of 3 of those things.

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New Year, Same Gluttony

I went on an interview recently and they asked me what the best thing I ate in 2015 was. Weird interview question right? Yeah, not really. It was for the company Blue Apron, because food is my life so why not work for food centric organization? Anyway, I completely forgot about my delicious NOLA experience (shrimp and grits baby) and mentioned the amazing foodgasm that is the chicken and waffles from Sweet Chick in NYC. It was the best chicken and waffles dish I’ve had thus far. Check it out below as well as some others that were good, but only okay compared to Sweet Chick.

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Brunch Queen

“Brunch with no alcohol is just a sad, late breakfast” So, there was a year of my life that I dedicated my weekends to going out for brunch. It was expensive and fattening, but I have no regrets. I love brunch. It’s such a fun meal. Not quite breakfast, not quite lunch, not too expensive. Such […]

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Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Taste Test

The beauty of having a food blog that nobody reads is that you have an excuse to eat food you normally wouldn’t…tell anyone about. I decided to do the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor challenge which I instantly regretted. I’m not really a fan of potato chips to begin with. I prefer my MSG coated Doritos, but bias aside, there chips really aren’t good.

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