Your Mother’s House

The other night I was with a friend and we wanted to go somewhere casual for Sunday dinner. I decided to try out Your Mother’s House, a local eatery in Garden City Park, New York. It serves American cuisine with the intention of being compared to a mother’s cooking. Not really the case unless your mom specializes in bar food. It has an assortment of appetizers, wings, comfort food dishes like meat loaf and mac and cheese, barbecue, seafood, steak, burgers, sandwiches, salads and pizza.

Upon being seated we were greeted by our waiter. I asked him if they have pumpkin beer, he said yes, so went with two of them. They came promptly in tall glasses rimmed with cinnamon sugar. They were delicious.

Pumpkin Beer! The perks of the fall season

For our entrées, my friend went with A.B.C.L.T. (avocado, bacon, chicken, lettuce and tomato respectively on toasted ciabatta bread) sandwich while I went for the California Club pizza aka the A.B.C.L.T. pizza, because it is the same exact thing as the sandwich just in pizza form. Her sandwich was served with lemon aioli, but due to a citrus acid allergy she went with a side of mayo instead.

A.B.C.L.T. sandwich (avocado, bacon, chicken, lettuce and tomato)

My pizza was good. Basic, but definitely hit the spot especially since we had drank before we arrived. Sidebar: we went shot for shot with a bottle of Bacardi Big Apple. Literally tasted like shots of an apple martini. Definitely recommended for those who can’t handle strong tasting liquor. As soon as the food arrived I dug in.

California Club PIzza

The pizza was pretty good. Simple ingredients, but they were fresh and all went well together. I opted out of trying my friend’s sandwich since my pizza was more than enough food, but I’m sure it was just as good. The fries were good though, seasoned steak fries.

Eat at Mother’s

The pizza, stolen fries off my friend’s plate and the pumpkin beer were all a delicious combo. Our waiter was attentive and checked on us regularly. Definitely check out Your Mother’s House to catch a game if you’re into that and get some food and drinks into your system.

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