Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Taste Test


The beauty of having a food blog that nobody reads is that you have an excuse to eat food you normally wouldn’t…tell anyone about. I decided to do the Lay’s Do Us a Flavor challenge which I instantly regretted. I’m not really a fan of potato chips to begin with. I prefer my MSG coated Doritos, but bias aside, there chips really aren’t good.

Here’s what went down:

Southern Biscuits and Gravy



I recently traveled to New Orleans so I’m aware of what biscuits and gravy tastes like, this isn’t it. Yes I’m aware it’s a chip and it won’t be exactly like the real thing, but this chip just tastes like regular potato chips with pepper on it. If they were called “potatoes with pepper” than yeah…nailed it. Biscuits and gravy? Not so much. That being said they don’t taste bad. They smell decent. I can see them winning, solely because there are slim pickings to choose from.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

New York Reuben


I’m from NY. That being said I have never tried a reuben sandwich. Pastrami just doesn’t look appetizing to me. However, this chip was my favorite (again not saying much). Upon trying it, you taste the marble rye and Russian dressing. There is also subtle sauerkraut and pickle. I don’t really know what pastrami tastes like, but I don’t think I taste it. You do smell it though and despite that, they are still the best tasting chip in my opinion. The complexity of flavors transferred into the chip is a success minus the main event, pastrami, but that’s perfectly fine.

Overall ratings: 3.5/5

Greektown Gyro


The worst. Honestly it’s gross. It smells bad, it tastes weird. If I was told to guess the flavor of the chip without knowing I wouldn’t be able to at all. Lamb and tzatziki flavors are sort of there, but it’s gross and there is a cucumber after taste that doesn’t mesh well. After eating the first chip I truly was disgusted, especially from the scent. After eating some more it improved, but definitely wasn’t good. The fact that it is kettle cooked does nothing for it either. Just makes it a gross crunchy chip.

Overall rating: 1.5/5

West Coast Truffle Fries


4 words: sour cream and onion.

That’s it.

Overall rating: depends on how you like sour cream and onion 3/5 for me

Either Biscuits and Gravy or Sour Cream…I mean Truffle Fries will win, because they are basic and that’s what the people like. Give Reuben a chance. Greektown gyro are this year’s Cappucino. Just…ugh.

So basically do yourself a flavor and don’t eat any of these and if you must,
go with the Reuben. At least just try it while you can.


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