Delish Weekend in DC

For Martin Luther King Jr. weekend I decide to bus it down to D.C. to visit my mom (Michelle Obama), see the MLK Memorial and eat everything in sight. I accomplished 2 out of 3 of those things. My mom was busy…

I arrived at Union Station which was really nice, comparable to Grand Central Station, which I actually have never been in, but I’ve heard it’s nice. Insert the, “Oh my G-d! You live in New York and have never been to Grand Central Station” here. Get over it.

I also went to see a friend and when we met up our first stop was for food…obviously. First up…

Asian Spice

717 H St Nw, Washington, District of Colombia 20001
Lunch Special

This place has an awesome lunch special that features delicious bento boxes. See menu above. My financially savvy friend purchased a Groupon which made it an even better deal.

Amazing Asian Sangria

This drink was amazing. It had plum juice which was sweet and tasty and it had lychee in it which I love. Great way to the get the party poppin.

Green Curry and Chicken Terriyaki Bento Boxes

I went with the chicken teriyaki, because I’m basic. It was a good choice. The chicken wasn’t smothered in it, which I liked. It came with rice, veggies and a California roll and also soup and salad. My new friend (we had a third) ordered green curry which I thought sounded super sketch, but it was actually delicious. It was chicken in a curry sauce. Expand your horizons peeps.

You found me! Ms. New Foodie in D.C.’s Chinatown


714 7th Street Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia, 20001

After we ate we wandered around Chinatown. I forget that there are other Chinatowns outside of New York. We went to IT’SUGAR which has multiple New York City locations, but I’ve never been. SO MUCH CANDY. I didn’t buy anything, because…cavities, but it was still pretty cool.  We stopped at  Rocket Bar after, where I DOMinated at darts (see what I did there).


819 7th Street,Washington, D.C. 20001

Hot and Mango Lime Wings with Garlic Bread and Fries

I’ve always wanted to try Nando’s especially after knowing that Beyonce eats there. Unfortunately and surprising there are none in New York, only in the DMV area…which is where I was. Friend and I split a dish of mango lime and hot wings with garlic bread and fries (see above). Everything was so good. We need one in New York. The peri-peri seasoning is so good. The chicken is so flavorful. We had a fourth join us and the other 2 ordered a chicken caesar wrap and a chicken sandwich (see below). The pictures do it no justice, but their food looked like it was amazing too. It’s one of those places, I’d keep going back until I tried everything on the menu. Let’s get Nando’s in New York.

Eastern Market

225 7th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003

Shrimp and grits with bacon
Crab Benedict with potatoes and pink sauce

The next day we ate at Eastern Market, a popular farmer’s market that has super delicious food. We went with the crab benedict and shrimp and grits and both were so mouth-watering-ly BANGIN. The crab benny may look gross in the pic and looked kind of sus live also, but I tried it and it was so good. The potatoes and pink sauce it came with was insert another word for delicious here as well. As far as the shrimp and grits, I was gambling by getting it since I had already had the best in New Orleans. I was not disappointed at all. It was the perfect meal post a night of drinking, the ultimate comfort food. I won’t compare the two as they were both fantastic on their own. The warm buttered bread with the spicy cheesy grits with bacon and shrimp was the perfect combo.

National Monument

World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial (cont’d)

Lincoln Memorial

The White House (aka home)

We spent the day visiting the National Mall and several of the historical monuments. Started with the National Monument which I took so many pictures of. Due to its stature, you’re able to see it from any point so the angles were amazing. I wanted to go inside, but unfortunately that window of opportunity had closed. Sucks to suck. The World War II Memorial was spectacular. My friend and I took pictures by our home states which were on opposing sides (New York on the Pacific and Pennsylvania on the Atlantic). Lincoln Memorial was next. The huge statue of Abe and the quotes were inspiring. There were a lot of people though and I’m claustrophobic so on the next which was MLK’s memorial. Considering it was MLK weekend…super touching. Ended at the White House where I had to beg my mom (Michelle Obama) to let me in, but…no luck. Overall, good times.

Kellari Taverna

1700 K Street NW, Washington DC 20006

SUNDAY BRUNCH – A necessity on Sundays, especially if you’re out of town. We decided to check out Kellari Taverna, another place that has a New York location that I’ve never been to. Also, another place with a  Groupon deal that we took advantage of. It included 3 courses, an appetizer, entree and dessert. It was my friend’s friend’s birthday and we were celebrating over great drinks and delicious Greek food.


This bellini was amazing. At first I thought it was a glass of champagne, but that would have been a LOT of champagne. After the first sip, I tasted an amazing peach flavor and I knew that it was going to get real, real quick. It was delicious and strong and way better than the mimosa and bloody Mary that the others ordered. Above was a video, but it didn’t want to upload so there’s a pic. You get it.


For our appetizers we went with calamari, spanikopita and salad. I had the calamari which was so good. It was fresh and in a white wine sauce. I don’t think I could ever eat fried calamari again.The spanikopita was the best I’ve ever had. It was light and flaky on the outside and the warm spinach and feta on the inside was perfection. I wish I had ordered it instead. The salad…who cares? It’s salad. It looked like a salad and I’m sure it tasted like one too. I didn’t care to find out.


I went went with the crab burger which was so delicious. My friend ordered the Kellari burger which is a lamb burger. I tried it and it was good, but I definitely preferred the crab. Both sandwiches came with fries, salad and a pickle. Someone else got the omeleta which had veggies and feta and came with fries and salad as well. I think I won the main course. Crab burger conquered all.



I went with the chocolate mousse cake. It was good, but by the end of the meal I was so full. I did not really enjoy it. The other dessert is the galactoboureko which is a semolina custard in filo. I don’t know what any of that means and I did not try it, but you should go to Kellari Taverna in either D.C. or NYC and try it for yourself.

Overall, D.C. was a great time with good food and although I did not get to see my mom, I still had an awesome time and would definitely go back.



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